Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sun and Intel to partner

Here are Jonathan's words:

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The short form of the relationship is this - Intel has agreed to endorse and OEM from Sun the open source Solaris OS. Just stop there for a second. If you're an industry watcher, that's a pretty big change for the both of us. Intel has annointed Solaris as The Mission Critical Unix for Intel/Xeon. They're also endorsing, and we'll jointly be optimizing, the NetBeans and Java platforms, and working with us to fuel the communities from which they spawn. Again, if you're an insider, that's a big shift in the market - welcome to the community, Intel!

Could be a huge push for Solaris. It of course also means that Sun will build a couple of Intel CPU based machines, not only AMD's Opteron

Could be just the usual marketing stuff, like all the "alliances" and "strategic whatnots" we see these days in the industry.

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