Sunday, July 30, 2006

We need more RSS!

Why don't people use more ? - or for that matter;
personal note: I guess I have to include a default disclaimer in my template stating that I usually use RSS as a synonym for all the relevant protocols and their variations; but since I guess everyone but the religious guys does that it wouldn't make much difference.
One such nice application for RSS is (enterprise internal) :
Within my companies reporting system I can choose to have several reports (related to my job, obviously) sent to my e.g. daily via e-mail. So first of all, this is nice: I don't have to go into some BI-whatnot-datawarehouse-thing-application and query the data myself - quite convenient.

But it would be even greater if I could just (RSS-style-)subscribe to that data, and thus get a notification as soon as the data changes, and even better: I could more easiy integrate into my productivity applications ().

So people stop treating RSS as just a means to get blogs or news distributed; it's basically just about any kind of content.

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