Thursday, January 12, 2006

What's wrong with palm?

I know that Palm (palmOne for a short time) did have a bad reputation when I came to service (and quality).
I, however, never suffered from that - or experienced anything bad.
I lived happily with my palms (V, Vx, T|T, T|5).
My T|5 with the Wifi card died recently when I dropped it to the floor. Actually the T|5 itself continued running smoothly as if nothing had happened; the SD slot however was damaged, so I could no longer use my beloved WiFi card.

I thought it was time to move to the T|X, which is actually a bit of a downgrade.
You loose the "internal" memory card, so you can no longer use it as a USB drive or realplayer.
And you have less memory (128MB instead of 256MB, but I couldn't care less about that).
However, Wifi is built in.
So longer with that stupid card, that always seems to be in the way.
(And looked a bit to nerdy/geeky for me, anyway).

So, transition to the T|X went fine, although this still is a problem with palm: moving from a generation n device to a n+1 device (and maybe changing the hotsync id while you go).
Anyway, managed that, also quite nice.

But the VersaMail that comes with the T|X just sucks.
Lost a couple of keystroke commands (e.g. to switch account) and re-mapped some others (sync IMAP folder used to be /I, now it is /L - what gives??)
But more importantly, it does not delete messages on the server. No matter how hard you try.
(well not quite true, it does delete message from any folder but the inbox... Now most messages I delete while on the move are in the inbox, ...)
A couple of messages on the palm support forum, but no solution for it. And no reaction from palm.

Worst of all: it did work so well with the older VersaMail that came with the T|5...
(and the one I explicitly bought for the T|T...)

Palm, can you hear me ?
Whats wrong with you guys?
Are you to busy working on the windows Treo or what ?

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